Practical Magic or Define your Priorities in Candle Burning Pt 2

This post is about an e-mail I received two days ago from a young lady who wanted to inquire of my services. Her letter reads (identity not revealed to protect the e-mail author):

I have seen your contact Information in (a referral website) website. How effective is it in getting back to my relationship which is broken 9 months ago. How do i approach you.


No name or any identifying clues if this person is male or female. So my answer was:

Hi there,

I would like to know the following information:

Your name, would be nice 🙂

Why did you wait 9 months before considering a reconciliation spell?

What was the reason you broke up?

Do you think that the mindset and situation has changed so that there will be no repeats?


Shortly thereafter I receive this e-mail:

Hi Jacqueline,
My name is (identity protected).
I waited 9 months because i just wanted to give it some time for him to realise and come back to me but in vain.
He is married and had problems with his marital life and wanted to leave his wife. He used to like me so much and He told that he never liked his wife but still he went back to her. What do i do and iam not really sure if he really liked me or played with my emotions, but i got too involved to come out of it and i need his love back. I think he broke with me as he thought that he was not doing justice to my love. We stay very close by but never called or met after for the past 9 months.
I do not want to be like strangers or enemies with him by not communicating.
I would really appreciate if you can please help me with this problem.

(identity protected)

So, I then sent this person this e-mail:

(identity protected)

I really think that your emotions have been played with and that you have given him way too much time (9 months). I am not sure if you have worked with any other spiritual worker, but I do not think anything will work now since so much time has passed.

Have you had the folks at (referral company) burn candles for you? That could be a start, but the feeling in my heart it is no success.

Better to work on bringing into your life someone who is available and willing to commit (since this man cannot commit to his marriage or to leave it as well).

Let me know when you are ready to do so.


So, later in the day, I receive this e-mail:

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t know about love spell castings before and i have just learned about them. I am not sure how they work and how success they are? I just wanted to give it a try. There are many relationships which broke apart and got back together. I do not think time should be the factor but the feelings which matters.
I haven’t approached (referring company) to do anything from their side. What does burning candles mean and how does it effect my current situation. Please advise me what should i do to either forget him completely or get him back. Either one of the options are ok with me.

(identity protected)

So I answered her with this:

(identity protected),

The comment “Either one of the options are ok with me” tells me that you need to be the one who decides and not give your decision power to someone else so that if you do not get the results you finally decide to have, you can be blameless in the decision.

I think that you should sit and decide if you are ready to let someone else in your life and put this man behind you and be strong enough that if you were to see him in the grocery store, you can walk on by without breaking down.

Once you are THAT strong, let me know.


The reason I share this with you is that you must have a clear and precise idea of what outcome you want when beginning any spiritual work. If, like this person, you have a flippant or devil-may-care manner and cannot commit to either one side or the other, then it is not time to begin any spiritual work. I am glad she came to me, instead of possibly encountering another person out there who may not have been as ethical and would had fed her a line and sinker to get money out of this client.

If you are considering doing some candle work for your self or someone else, make sure that you (or the person) is clear of what they want or else it will negate the purpose of the candle burning, reflecting on hard feelings not only to spirit but also to the one who is doing the candle work for you.

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