Readers Question About Petition Papers with Candles

Latesha from Mississippi writes:
Miss Jacqueline, I really like your candle spells. Can I ask how I should use petition papers? What is their purpose? I’ve heard about them but I’m not quite sure how to go about writing one or using it when I burn my candle. Do I have to use a free standing candle, or can I also use the glass encased kind? God bless, Latesha
Thank you for your thoughtful comments and a very important question. The history of the petition paper is to give some “grounding” or labeling of the candle in use. This is especially important if you are burning more than one candle at a time for a situation. Imagine this, there are times when you are to move a candle in a certain direction towards or away from another candle, like lovers’ candles. Now, if you have a candle meant for “you”, one for “him” and one for “her” (the other love interest), you definitely want to know which candle is yours so you can move “his” closer to “your” and away from “hers”.
Another reason to use a petition paper is when you are specifically requesting a sum of money or if you want your desires to be a secret while burning the candle in a home where others live with you. It is possible to fold the paper so tiny that it fits under the candle and no one knows it is there. For a sum of money, you do not want everyone to know that you are in need of that money or how you received it when you do receive it, either. There is a passage in the Bible about keeping your prayers to yourself, which applies here as well.
You ask whether you should use free standing or glass encased candles, in which both are fine. Free standing are a nice change, especially when you are desiring an answer or an outcome and you would like so sign to let you know how things are going. I change them up from time to time, but because of the many candles I burn for others on my altars, I mostly use the glass encased candles.
Your petition paper can be drawn or written either with an elaborate script or a simple couple of words or a dollar figure on it. It is in the intention that gives it the power. A good rule of thumb is to give the final decision that this petition come to pass with writing the closing words, “That my cause be justified, Oh Lord”. This is especially good for candles that you are burning when you want to change the will or mind of another. You are asking your Higher Power to allow it to be, it is should be in your favor. this way, no retribution should come to you for your candle burning efforts.
You also ask whether to use petition papers with every candle. This is best, however, I have used candles without petition papers, just praying over my candle before lighting it, especially when I am burning it for another in my household. I have either been in a bit of a hurry or just wanting my petition to be a secret, I have lit candles that I have prayed over, but did not put a petition paper down. I have had success in either circumstance.
Good question, Latesha! I hope that others will send in questions about their candle burning problems. I also would like to hear and post some of YOUR successful candle spells. Please send these in to:
tarotbyjacqueline (at)
and I will post them in this forum.

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