Tips and Techniques for Clearing Home and Body of Negativity

Today, I am going to give you some effective methods of clearing your home and yourself of negativity. We all encounter it, although you may not realize the destructive effects of negativity that lingers long after the initial “hit” of it occurs.

The first signs of the appearance of negativity is an uneasy feeling that something is “wrong” or just “not right”. If you are an intuitive person or a sensitive, you can almost “feel” negativity like fog, enveloping and bearing down on you. Whether this is emanating from a person or is in a room or house, it is the feeling that makes your hair on your arms or the back of your neck “crawl” or can even make you feel like just breaking down and having a good, long cry right there. The person “affected” by negativity, is depressed and wears a scowl or appears teary eyed. Their appearance might not be as tidy as it would be if they were in a positive mood and there would be barely a hint of energy or happiness in their demeanor.

There are various forms of “cleaning” or “cleansing” a home, building or apartment of negativity. Some are known by culture, some are Universal. I will list various tips to use to clean a place of negativity.

  • Discard all old newspapers, magazines and mail that you do not need. Donate all old clothes, shoes, appliances and things you no longer need or use. Give them to charities who sell them to others in need. If they are too worn, throw them out. If you are saving clothes that are smaller that you are now, consider keeping them for one year. If you have fashions over one year old, donate them to a women’s shelter, who can use them in their “dress for success” programs to help employ and empower abused women.
  • If it can’t be fixed, as in computers, electronics and televisions, take them to the nearest landfill that takes these materials. That includes old cell phones, too.
  • If you can’t bear to part with the things because of the cost of the item, then have a yard or garage sale. That way you reap a bit of the money spent, while helping out others.
  • Clean house top to bottom, from the back of the house to the front, with either pine or lemon fragrance cleaning products. Make sure that you get every corner, baseboard, windowsill and all crevaces you can. Make sure you do not dump the dirty wash water in the sinks. Dump it into the toilet, then flush. You are ritually “flushing away negativity” as you push the handle down. Move furniture and vacuum, then toss out the bag. Clean the windows with an ammonia-based product. Clean out under the sink, tossing half empty shampoo, conditioner and hand cream bottles. Reorganize everything.
  • Wash all bedding, pillows and blankets. Send the quilts to the dry cleaners. Use a cup of ammonia in your wash water. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT USE AMMONIA AND BLEACH TOGETHER IN THE SAME WASH WATER. It creates a toxic gas that can kill. For white clothing, wash in ammonia wash cycle first; then re-wash with bleach.
  • Buy some white sage in a bundle or frankencense, myrrh or copal incense and burn and smudge (some say “smoke”) each room, moving from the back of the house to the front.
  • Buy a bunch of white glass 7-day novena-type candles, one for each room of the house. Clean them inside the wax and outside the glass with lemon juice; let dry. Set one in the center or each of the rooms on a glass plate. Light ad say The Lord’s Prayer or Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my Shepherd”).
  • In Caribbean cultures, it is appropriate to swish a sip of white rum in their mouths, then spew it in a fine spray in the corners of the room to “seal” it while the white candle is burning.
  • In Asian cultures and belief systems, banging a loud gong, drum or ringing a bell vigorously will clear out any negative “spirits” as the loud cacophony is disturbing to them.
  • One you have effectively cleaned the house, light some incense pleasing to the senses like lotus, rose or any blessing or spiritual brand incense. then begin the cleansing of negativity on yourself.

  • Run a very warm bath with a couple of cups of Epsom salts in the water. Soak yourself, including your head, in the mixture. Epsom salts is not only great to soothe those tired, achy muscles, but to also chase away negativity. Most spiritual practitioners have them on hand when they work on a difficult client case.
  • Once done, stand up, shower off and soap up. Using Castile soap is traditional in some cultures as it’s purity (coco butter and soap) gives the feeling of innocence.
  • If you are one who gets emotionally turned in twists and knots, pouring coconut juice from fresh coconuts over your head, then wrapping your head in white toweling, can “cool” your thoughts and emotions down. This is done in many Caribbean cultures.
  • After your shower, lay down for awhile and nap or just rest without distraction. You will feel weak after this bath.
  • If available, apply a few drops of Fiery Wall of Protection, Blessing or Healing Condition Oil to your body. Apply a few drops in your palms and spread lightly over the body will envelope you in protection.
  • Do not answer the phone if the person that gives you the “creeps” calls you. Use your answering machine or voicemail as it was intended. It is not a “given” that just because the phone rings or the doorbell rings, you absolutely must answer it. Let all calls go the voicemail, then call back the ones you care about.
  • Use these same techniques for the whole family. You may find that it will take more than one application, especially if you live with others.
  • Once your daughters have reached the age of puberty, to keep them from attracting negativity (due to their raging hormones), take a jelly jar and fill it every night with fresh, cool water. Place near their head, either on the headboard, nightstand, or directly under the bed in the area of their head. Every morning, take that water and dump it in the toilet. Fill the glass again with cool water and then pour that into the toilet. Flush, and store the jelly jar where no one can accidentally use it to drink in. If in the morning, you find small bubbles attached to the sides of the glass, those bubbles are considered “trapped negativity” and thus is the reason we dump the water into the toilet. If we dump it into the drains, it may linger in the crooks of the piping. The toilet is the direct line to the sewer and that is where we want to send all negativity.
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