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A couple of weeks ago, I burned a white 7-day glass encased candles for clients paying homage to St. Joseph, who’s feast day was March 19th. The candle that cracked gives me thought that I should write about using petition candles with safety. I had the candles burning on the altar for three days, all of then clear (meaning no waxy residue on the inside of the glass) and no blackened smudging on the glass.

Sometime late Saturday afternoon, one of my daughters came knocking on my bedroom door, wakening me from a long overdue nap. ‘”Mom, on of the candles broke and the paper is burned!”‘ I went downstairs followed by the other daughter, and yes indeed, the candle had cracked around the “wax line” clear through and up one side where the wick had lain on the side of the glass. Ironically, where the tip of the wick touched on the inside of the glass created a tobacco brown scorch mark on the name of the one who had purchased the candle for her baby’s father (Saint Joseph is the patron saint of carpenters, fathers and heads of households). I immediately made a mental note to send an e-mail later in the day to her, asking how things were going, but secretly knowing that something serious had happened.

When the client had responded to my e-mail inquiry, she had said that she had received notice from the Franchise Tax Board that she would be the recipient of the ex’s tax refund to cover back court ordered child support, something that she had not been receiving.

Another time that I had an interesting occurrence with candles cracking was a time in my early days of spiritual work. I had been burning a 7 African Powers candle for a situation and had left it sans saucer on my glass top altar. Our family had left to attend a barbecue that Sunday afternoon and while we sat stuffed and lazily making small talk, suddenly a wave of some unknown panic brought me out of that mood. I had the feeling that I just had to get home because something was wrong. Since we were 8 city blocks away, I quickly dove back home, searching the house, only to find that the candle that I had been burning had cracked and its’ wax was dripping across the glass topped altar and onto the hardwood floor below. I had made it just in time to stop a potential disaster from occurring.

Here are some things to consider when burning candles:

1. Make sure you are setting your candles in a small saucer, cereal bowl or a flat cookie sheet with some clean kitty sand to catch the drips.

2. Make sure that you do not have paper, curtains and other items hanging directly above the altar or area where you are burning the candles to avoid catching those drapes or pieces of paper on fire. Candle can create intense heat in a small area that could potentially ignite these materials.

3. Make sure your candles are in a place that is undisturbed by pets, family and children. Sometimes small children and even kitty are mesmerized by the flickering flame. Getting too close can burn them and potentially tip over the candle, starting a fire.

4. If using name papers, prayer cards and photographs in your candle burnings, visit them often and attend to them when needed. This does not mean that you cannot leave your home during a candle burn; I have left town after securing my candles and was at peace the whole time I was gone.

Following simple safety candle and flame safety basics ensures that you will have a safe environment for your prayer candles.




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