Orisha Goddess Ochun | Oshun Love or Money Success Yellow Candle Spell

Yoruba Goddess Ochun, known as La Caridad de Cobre in Cuba and Puerto Rico, is considered the Goddess of Love, Money and all the finer things in life. Although you may see her name written as “Oshun”, in the Yoruba alphabet there is no letter or syllable “sh” as in “shell”, despite the mispronunciation, her name is Ochun, with a “ch” as in “chipmunk”.

Attributes of Ochun are: the number 5 (and multiples of 5). yellow, gold, Friday (some say Saturday), rivers, lakes, brass bell, peacock feathers, fans, perfume, hand mirror, combs, cinnamon, pumpkin, champagne, mimosa, oranges, honey.


  • 5 Glass 7-day Novena Candles
  • 1 Large Clear or Yellow Glass Ceramic Plate
  • 5 Oranges
  • 5 Yellow Roses or Carnations (in vase, if possible)
  • 5 Paper Fans (can be purchased at craft or party supply store)
  • Yellow Tablecloth
  • small Jar of Honey
  • 5 small Pastries with Yellow Frosting or Cinnamon Icing
  • Letter written to Ochun as if she was your best friend and confidant, explaining your love or monetary crisis
  • Take all items in containers to the riverbank. Find a location that is somewhat secluded. Clean area of shoreline that you will place your offering.

    First, lay down your tablecloth, spreading it out nicely. Then place plate in the center of tablecloth, with your petition letter on it. Place the 5 oranges on the paper, alternating the arrangement with the 5 cinnamon rolls or pastries ( you may have to stack pastry on top of oranges). Place vase of roses or carnations near plate. Surround plate and vase with the 5 yellow glass candles.

    Around the outside of the candles, arrange the opened fans in a circle around the plate and candles.

    Stand and face the river, holding the jar of honey, and pour your heart out to Ochun. Tell her the trials you have been going through and your desire to bless you with love or money (or both!). Cry if you want, as she responds to and never says “No” to tears. Open the jar of honey, taking a finger-full of honey out and tasting it before as you look out over the river. This assures Ochun that the honey, her favorite food, is pure and untainted.

    Turn and pour the entire jar of honey over the offering on the plate, covering the pastries and oranges completely until the jar is finished. Light your candles.

    Take the jar of honey and collect a jar full of river water. Go home, place this river water in a pot along with more spring water and cinnamon. Boil to make a tea to use in your bath and let cool.

    Take a shower to clean yourself first, then scrub out the tub to clean it and then run a clean bath. Pour the cinnamon/riverwater mixture into the bathwater. Get in and immerse yourself completely from head to toe in the water. Get out and pat yourself dry and light a yellow candle in your bedroom for Ochun’s guidance.

    Once a year a reading from Cuba fortells which of the Oricha are ruling that year. The Letra del Ano 2008 states: ” Ire` Aruku` Ache Leri` Lowo Ochun” or “Good Fortune via your Ori given to you by the hands of Ochun” Maferefun Ochun, Yeye Kari!

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