Court Case | Drop Charges – Influence Judge Brown Candle Spell

While this court case brown candle spell is very detailed and will need a lot of work to do, it has been successful for many people. It requires a brown candle for each key player in the proceedings and a white candle to represent yourself.


  • 1 White glass 7- day Novena Candle
  • 1 Brown glass 7-day Novena Candle for each key player in the case (i.e. Judge, District Attorney or Attorney for other side, Arresting Officer, Your Attorney, etc.) Your number will vary.
  • 1 package loose Pipe Tobacco
  • 1 piece of White Paper 2 X 4 inches for each candle (your number may vary)
  • Copy (not Original) of your Court documents that include the day, date and time of hearing
  • 1 bottle Influence Condition Oil
  • 1 bottle of Confusion Condition Oil
  • 1 bottle Victory Confusion Oil
  • 1 bottle of King Solomon Wisdom Condition Oil
  • 1 bottle of Clarity Condition Oil
  • 1 teaspoon of Poppy Seeds (can be obtained in gourmet specialty cooking shops)
  • 1 large rectangle glass baking dish or aluminum cookie sheet
  • Clean candles with lemon juice or alcohol, let dry. On each piece of paper, write the full name of each participant (if known) and the jurisdiction that each person resides or presides over (i.e. “Arresting Officer J. Jones, Badge #4945, Sacramento County Sheriffs Dept.”). On the paper for yourself or the person the candle spell is intended, write their full name, date of birth and city of birth, along with the words ” innocent of all charges”.

    Anoint the White Candle with any of the “victory” condition oils such as “Victory”, “Victorious” or “Ganador”. Place a few drops of the oil in the top of the candle and rub in counter clockwise while picturing you being set free of all charges.

    In the Brown Candle meant for the presiding Judge, rub in a few drops pf Influence Oil, a few drops of Clarity Oil, and a few drops of any of the Wisdom Condition Oils, such as “Wisdom”, King Solomon”, “King Solomon Wisdom”, etc. Rub the oil in the candle in a counter clockwise motion, visualizing you influencing the Judge’s decision making abilities.

    In the Brown Candle representing your Legal Defense team or Attorney, rub a few drops of Influence Oil and King Solomon Wisdom Oil in a counter clockwise motion.

    In each of the County District Attorney’s or the Attorney for the other side Brown Candles and the Arresting Officers’ Brown Candles, rub in a few drops of the Confusion condition oil in a counter clockwise motion. Sprinkle a bit of the poppy seeds into the top of each of the candles.

    Place the copy of your Court Documents in baking dish or cookie sheet. Place white papers of names of each key participants on their respective candles with tape. Sprinkle the loose tobacco over the documents. Place candles on the cookie sheet in this manner:

    Your Attorney’s Brown Candle to the back of the cookie sheet

    County District Attorney’s Brown Candle to the left of the cookie sheet

    Arresting Officer(s) Brown Candle to the right of the cookie sheet

    the Judge’s Brown Candle in front of the cookie sheet

    Your White Candle in the center of the cookie sheet

    The configuration should look like if you were setting the candles on a compass face, with the Judge as the South position pr point, your Attorney at the North position, the County DA in the West position and the Officer(s) in the East postiion, with your white candle in the center.

    Light the Candles in this order:

    1st Your White Candle

    2nd Your Attorney

    3rd the Judge

    4th the Officer(s)

    5th the County DA or other Attorney

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