Free Candle Spells | White Candle Release and Forgive Candle Spell

This simple candle spell is to “let go” of a bad relationship, situation or even a particular event.


  • 1 White Glass 7-day Novena Candle
  • 1 teaspoon Olive Oil
  • 1 piece of White Paper
  • 1 large pinch of loose Tobacco
  • Saucer or small dish

Clean your white candle with lemon juice or alcohol, let completely dry. Write your full name on piece of paper. Turn the paper 180 degrees (upside down) and then write the other person’s full name or the date of the event. Each name should line up under each other, but require turning paper upside down to read each name.

Place paper in a small dish or saucer. Put the Olive Oil in a small saucer and extend your hands over it, praying that it be blessed. Pour a small amount into the top of the candle, set candle on paper inside saucer. Circle the candle with tobacco with a clockwise motion of the hand, to banish and release. Light candle and pray Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my Shepherd”). Let candle burn continuously until out.

When candle is done, take candle out of saucer, fold tobacco inside the paper and carry it with a lighter to the gutter drain nearest your house. Light the paper, making sure you get a good burn. Drop lighted paper into drain (or what is left of it) and return home without looking back.

Clean your house thoroughly with a pine cleaner or lemon essence cleaner. Throw open the windows and light white sage to smudge the whole house. Sprinkle Epsom salts on the floors, let set and sweep or vacuum up, disposing of the vacuum bag immediately at the front door. Sweep everything towards the front door. Wipe down home and floors from farthest point of home towards front door.




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