How to Properly Cleanse your Candle for Candle Spell Magic

Once you have chosen a particular color or type of candle for your candle work, the very first thing you must do is clean off all that may have been applied, whether accidentally or intentionally, to the candle in shipping. Candles are mass produced in factories, therefore picking up dust and lint, substances, solvents, and even negative energies given off by the people handling the candles. Candles are consider like a conduit, absorbing and transferring energy of either spiritual or material from one realm to another.

Clean your candles before applying oil with either alcohol or lemon juice. When alcohol is used, make sure you thoroughly dry your candle before lighting it to minimize the possibility of fire. A more traditional and safe method is to use lemon juice. The juice and oil of the lemon is considered a neutralizer and “chaser”of any substance that may have been on the candle before cleaning, whether dust or oil because of its’ acidic nature. The oil of lemon and/or lemongrass, an Asian grass, is used in various spiritual cleaning products known b y the names such as Chinese Wash, Cut and Clear, etc.

To clean your candles, simply take lemon juice on paper toweling or napkins and rub the candle over all areas of the candle, inside the glass, the outside area of glass, including the top of the wax and the wick. The technique is the same for the cleaning process on a free standing candle as same on a glass “novena” type 7-day candles as well.

After cleaning, let dry before adding oil, herbs or minerals  to the top of glass candles or rolling the free standing candle in the mixture.

You may clean a series of candles at the same time by simply applying the lemon juice, letting them dry, then storing them in a large brown paper bag that is folded over multiple times. Place the bag in a cabinet, closet or cupboard until ready to use.

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