More Money Spell Magic

While this is not candle magic, I think everyone can appreciate always being able to eat!

Keep a sugar bowl in your kitchen cabinet in the back where no one will find it and put in it rice, sugar and various kinds of coins. That will bring in money all the time to be able to keep the family and you will not go hungry. Amelia S. – Alabama

Thank you Amelia for sending this in and while it is not using candles, I know that the traditional use of sweeteners such as honey, molasses and sugar in the South was to bring in money and certainly putting it into your kitchen cabinet would indicate that you always want full cupboards. Rice is also used on kitchen and money spells since it is a staple of many diets around the world. Tinting rice green with herbs or food coloring is a basis for a green money rice bowl that many sit on their altars where they pray.

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