Question about the St. Jude | Saint Jude – San Judas Love Candle Spell

From time to time, I get feedback on the spells posted. This particular spell was one of my own. Flamestro is in one of the online groups I belong, and sent this e-mail.

Flamestero asked:
St. Jude candles for love candle spells

I was reading your St. Jude spell and I have a question. What do you do with the cinnamon dusted letter to St. Jude when the candle burns out and when your petition has been granted? What do you do in both cases?

Some things you can do with the remains of your candle spell:

Dust your sheets (if they are coming over and woo woo);
Dust a love letter to them;
Reuse it for a future candle;
Put it in a love mojo bag;
Sprinkle it in their coat pocket when they visit; or
Put it into another dusting powder and give it to them at Valentine’s Day.

When the petition is granted I take the written petition and burn it with some copal or sage outside, letting it go to the Heavens. I would publish his works in the newspaper (you have seen them in the personals) or at least, get some of his prayer cards and pass them out (remember, you still are advertising for Jude, but in a unique way).Toss the candle glass in the recycling.If you used a free standing candle (one that is not in a glass cylinder), you can use the wax to make a jack ball with the sachet, petition paper and a few other items such as herbs, minerals and personal effects.

Thanks for asking such a good question! 🙂

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