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To continue with writing about my experiences with working with Saint Expedite, you should understand that the idea of working with him, whom I classified as a “non-saint” (again, he is not on the Catholic roles of saints), was probably one of the three major roadblocks with traditional Southern hoodoo/conjure that I futzed about (East Coast expression meaning “reluctantly worked over”). Sure, I have my Saint Marin de Porres, Virgen de la Regla, Saint Therese Little Flower, Our Lady of Grace/La Miligrosa, and other Saints in which I work with, but these were listed in the book of Saints.

I have to offer you an instance in which I DID not honor St. Expedite his proper offering and the actions he decided to create. I had petitioned him for an amount of money (always, with teenagers, pleez!) and he came through for me. I kept forgetting to remember to get the red wine and pound cake when at the grocers. One day, my daughter Bea reminded me as we were making strawberry shortcake said, “Mom, aren’t you supposed to give that guy (typical teenager) something?”, with a nod of her head in direction of his framed picture. “Oh yeah, I keep forgetting”, I said as I take a small cake from the shortcake cups package, and opened a bottle of chardonnay, pouring him a glass, giving it to him, telling him this will “have to do for now”, then returning to the task at hand.

Weeelllll….lemme tell ya. After three days, the wine turned a light blush pink (really!) and the money flittered away through my hands like water. I learned my lesson to make sure I pay him promptly and to never again throw him a bone when he needs the whole meal!


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