Double Strength Uncrossing Candle Spell



  • Double Strength Uncrossing Bath Salts
  • Double Strength Uncrossing Oil
  • 3 Kings Incense Charcoal
  • Oil of Rosemary
  • Saltpeter
  • Parchment Paper
  • Ink Pen
  • Solomon Seal #35
  • King Solomon Root
  • Red Flannel Bag

Put two tablespoons of DOUBLE STRENGTH UNCROSSING BATH and one tablespoonful of SALTPETER into your bath water while the water is running, make your wish and repeat the Prayer ” O Lord, banish from us this day and for ever, all evil from our heart, soul, and body.” After your bath, anoint the palms of your hands and the bottoms of your feet with UNCROSSING OIL.

On a piece of parchment paper write your name 9 times and place it under a DOUBLE STRENGTH UNCROSSING CANDLE. Place a bowl of water in which you have put 3 drops of OIL OF ROSEMARY between the UNCROSSING CANDLE and your ZODIAC CANDLE. Light both candles and let them burn continuously until the crossed condition is removed. Each morning burn DOUBLE STRENGTH JOHN THE CONQUEROR INCENSE with the candles and read the Prayer to Cast Out Evil or the 69th psalm.

A crossed condition has been blamed by many as the source of their bad luck. It is when everything seems to go from bad to worse or when a stumbling block is put up in the path to friends, money, success, love, and good luck. It also manifests when results from other spiritual work are hard to obtain or when enemies and evil doers have used something to change all good luck to bad luck. Many, when feeling the weight of this evil work being done by others, use the following set-up to remove a crossed condition.

Preparation of the Uncrossing Bag

To prepare an uncrossing bag, first write your name 9 times on the back of SEAL # 35 from the 6th and 7th Book of Moses. Place this seal along with a dressed KING SOLOMON ROOT and some UNCROSSING POWDER in a RED FLANNEL BAG. Dress the bag every 3 days with DOUBLE STRENGTH UNCROSSING OIL. This bag should be carried with you at all times. At least once a day hold the bag in your left hand and make your wish to remove all evil and crossed conditions. In cases where you want to remove and return the evil back to whoever is causing it, use the DOUBLE STRENGTH GO DEVIL CANDLE in place of the Uncrossing Candle. Write ” Send Back All Evil ” 9 times on a piece of parchment paper, place it under the candle and read the Prayer to Cast Out Evil or Psalm 109 each day.

I had this spell kept in a document file for many years and the author is unknown to me to give them proper credit for giving us this spell. Many thanks to you and I am sure this has helped many people.

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