Black Candle Revenge Spell

A “Poo on You” Black Candle Spell

This spell requires something of the intended victim and an undeniable cause to do this to them.


  • 9 black headed straight pins
  • 1 black candle
  • small piece of paper with curse written on it
  • bottle of D.U.M.E., Revenge, Crossing, Black Arts or any other negative condition oils
  • black thread or string
  • a small piece of used toilet paper (in which you have cleaned yourself)

1. Tear a strip of used toilet paper and wrap their hair, fingernail, napkin in which they wiped their mouth, personal belongings or full name, birth date and photo.

2. Around that bundle, wrap your statement or curse paper around it.

3. Bind it with the black thread, cursing out loud all the while.

4. Anoint the bundle with the cursing condition oil of your choice listed above.

5. Anoint the black candle with the same oil.

6. Light black candle, cursing all the time (“You Devil you, James Johnson, shame on your (insert adjective) soul…”), and tilt it so that some of the wax drips and covers the bundle. (this step takes some time to do)

7. Stick the 9 black tipped straight pins into the bundle, creating a circle as you do.

8. Attach a length of string to hang it.

9. Lay it by the black candle, which you have transferred to the back of your toilet, and continue to let it burn itself out. Make sure you use same toilet at least once during the time the candle is burning. This way, the candle, representing the intended person, gets “full view” of what happens on the toilet, if you understand what I mean.

10. When candle has gone out, tape the bundle by the string to the inside of your toilet bowl towards the back, until it falls off and flushes down with the other items.

The purpose of this candle spell is allow the one who wronged you to “smell your poo” and stay around awhile to see your behind. WARNING: Make sure the recipient truly deserves this treatment; it could come back to haunt you.

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