St. Jude | Saint Jude – St. Judas Tadeo Pink Candle Lasting Love Candle Spell

Supplies Needed for this Love Candle Spell

  • 1 Pink St. Jude Thaddeus (San Judas Tadeo) Glass 7-Day Novena Candle
  • White Paper (preferably parchment)
  • “Fast Luck” or “Follow Me Boy” (“Follow Me Girl” if the desired one is female) Condition Oil
  • Red Ink Pen
  • Lemon Juice or Rubbing Alcohol for cleaning the candle
  • Ground Cinnamon to sprinkle on the candle

Preparing the Candle:

1. Clean the candle inside and out, wick and wax with lemon juice or alcohol, allowing them to dry completely before lighting them. This is especially important if you use rubbing alcohol.

2. Taking the red pen, write a letter to St. Jude, laying out what you are looking for in a mate (see notes below before writing this). Put some thought into it and clarify all your intentions.

3. Anoint the wax inside the glass candle in a counterclockwise circle with the oil (a few drops will do) and concentrate your thoughts on your goal as you rub the oil in. You can vocalize this like a prayer or do this quietly, the choice is up to you.
4. Set the St. Jude pink candle on top of letter that has been dusted with the cinnamon (a natural and traditional love drawing spice). Light candle and place hands over the candle, taking a moment to further pray or think about your future mate.

5. Leave the St. Jude pink candle to work quietly as you go about your life. Make sure you address it every morning and every night. Some ideas are, “Good Morning St. Jude, thank you for working quietly through the night to draw my perfect mate closer to me. Thank you for your continued works as I go to work today (or whatever else you do) and may you be blessed as you are blessing me.” At night or before retiring say, “Good night St. Jude and thank you for working constantly and without cessation on bringing to me my perfect mate, even as I work and as I sleep.”

6. Repeat until goal is achieved.

This spell is simple and effective, as I used it myself to bring to me my love. We are about to celebrate our 5th anniversary. The main point here is to continuously burn these candles and not to go a moment without one being lit for you. More importantly, you must break all “molds” that you may subconsciously hold in your mind about your “perfect man” (or mate). At that point, you are limiting yourself to a select few men out there.

This spell is interchangeable, so you may use this on a female or male. I would suggest that for same sex relationships to add “Lavender Love” oil to the candle. This oil is specifically designed for this special relationship. You can purchase this oil and all the other supplies at:

Here is a suggestion to help you have a better thought process while performing this spell. Try praying a prayer like this: “St. Jude, patron Saint of Impossible Causes, my love life is (add your adjective here.) Some suggestions might be: ‘uneventful’, ‘lonely’, or ‘non-existent’. Please send to me someone who is perfect for me and send him (or her) to me. Someone who loves me for what I am. Someone who enriches my life. Someone who makes a decent living, owns a form of transportation and has good moral values.”

Additional phrases to add to your prayer might be: “Send me someone who loves my children as their own”, “Someone who doesn’t drink, smoke or abuse any form of intoxicants”, “Bring me someone who is honest, upright and healthy.” Note: There is no traditional form of prayer. The most effective form of prayer is sincere and from the Heart. You may then read out loud the prayer on the back label of the candle for additional effect.

Keep this candle burning day and night; keeping it in a protected place away from any thing that might catch fire. I use Pyrex glass pie plates with clean playground sand in them to catch any wax in the event the glass of the candle cracks. Clean from the bag clay cat litter also make a good absorbent in the event of a candle cracking. Make sure your candle is in an area where your pets will not topple it over. Some people place their candles on the kitchen counter or the center of the stove top. The vanity of your bathroom or even inside the bathtub is a good place to keep your candle burning while not bathing.

If the first candle is getting low and ready to burn out, use a broom straw or twig and light the new candle from the first flame, carrying the flame from candle “1” to candle “2” and so on. This creates a “perpetual light” that is working for your cause.

Even though I mentioned it above, it is worth repeating that you “talk” to your candle as if St. Jude was right there in the room with you. Again I urge you to address the candle twice daily (upon arising and at bedtime) with something like this: “Good Morning (or Good Evening), St. Jude. Thank you for searching for the perfect person to come into my life and love me. I trust that you will find the perfect person for me when the time is right. Have a good day (or good night).”

All items listed in this spell can be purchased online at

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