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A reader asks for help. (This letter has been corrected for spelling errors)

Hi Jacqueline,

My soon to be ex-husband is making my life crap.   I’ve been separated for nearly 3 years and he still has a hold over my emotions!! We have a gorgeous little girl of 4 yrs. I left him due to his controlling behavior & drinking. I’ve burned umpteen bits of paper with hope of moving on to no avail. I’ve bought a black candle as last resort & I am going to get the separation agreement (copy) and write something on it in hope of him finding another love to move on and to stop him tormenting me.

Please help xx

Louise (last name removed to protect the family)



You are on the right track but a bit off – like a recipe that is lacking something. First, if he is not living with you, then he cannot bother you. You must clarify something because first you say he is your soon to be ex, meaning that things are already going through the courts, then the separation papers…so I am confused on the legal matters.

The only reason why you would want to burn a black candle on the papers is to get the job DONE – so the question is: who is stalling the process? If he is controlling, and he is not living with you, how can he control you?

Let me give you two scenarios and things that you can do for the situation:

Situation Number One: (he is living with you while you are getting the divorce) – Get your own apartment. If this is not financially feasible, move in with family. You need to physically get away from him as much as possible in order for any candle spell to work.

If this is not possible – force him to move. Get a few wasps nests, some burnt charcoal, red crushed peppers, dirt from a grave and doggie doo-doo (yes, I am serious), dry it out in the sun, making sure you spend a few minutes a day with a magnifying glass focused on the mixture and curse the debil our of it and sprinkle it in his shoes, the floor board of his car or truck, in his bed (the bed you DO NOT sleep in) and wait for him to leave.  If this is just too funky for you to do, get some Run, Devil, Run Condition Oil and sprinkle it in his shoes every day when he is not using them. Burn the same oil on a red and a black glass candle with his picture wedged in between them. Spend some time every day standing in front of the candle cursing and swearing at it (as if the candles were really him); telling him to hit the road, Jack.

Use brown court case candles on top of a copy (not the original) of the Court documents. You can anoint this with a little Crown of Success Anointing Oil and sprinkle a little tobacco in around the top of the candle. Make sure you follow directions on proper cleaning and anointing of your candles.

Situation Number Two: (you are living elsewhere but the divorce is not going anywhere) – Time to put on the ‘brass brassiere” and get to work!  You must attend each and every Court proceeding and appear to want to ‘make peace’ with the other party – ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE IS A CHILD INVOLVED – each parent has to have some time with the child – unless you or he is selling arms to the terrorists, selling drugs or running a whorehouse – each of you are responsible for the raising of that child. So, if the Courts ask you to improve your lot in life – get a job or go to school. If he is the deadbeat, do everything you can to tie him up financially – a lien on the house (if he owns one), keep your ‘feelers’ out there to hear if he has a job and TURN HIM IN to the County agency handling the child support issues.

REMEMBER: You must take the ‘high moral ground’ and don’t play the child against the father (called Parental Alienation) – the mediators see right through that (that is why they have Master and PhD’s). They will look favorably on you if you are trying to ‘be fair’ (bite your tongue) with the other parent. You loved him at one time enough to bring a child into this world and worse case scenario, if something happens to you, HE is the one who gets custody of the child (not your Mother or Sister). He is the first line blood relative of your child.

Here’s a novel idea (hold your pants on and listen); wish him SUCCESS. Think about it. If he is successful, you always will get child support and he will be so busy working that he has no time to go to Court with you. Use a yellow candle in glass with “Crown of Success” or “Crowning Glory” Anointing Oil in it with his name on a piece of paper under the candle.

Bottom line, if you want the proceedings to move forward, burn a red glass candle on a copy of the Court papers with “FAST LUCK” Condition Oil so that things will get moving and you can then begin a new life.

Tough decisions, but ones you have to make. I wish you all the Luck.


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