How to Prepare a Free Standing Reversible or “Double Action” Candle | Part 2 of 3

This is the second of three parts regarding Reversible or “Double Action” Candles – Enjoy!

Free Standing Reversible Candles gives you the freedom to inscribe anything you want onto and into the wax of the candle. The carvings (see photos below) can then be filled by hand rubbing anointing oils and herbs or sachets into the letters so that they are infused and will burn along the length of the candle. Here is an example of the candle before inscribing with letters.

A traditional Free Standing Reversible Candle found at most religious shops and candles. Notice that it is made with the black poured first with the red added at the top.

Carving your Candle

Taking a knife or a traditional carving tool (some have various names for them; I have two white handled knifes that I use – one for good/blessing, one for naughty/banishing); begin to cut off the tip of the candle on the red side (remember, we want the red to burn LAST) (see photos).

Cutting the tip off the red top of a reversible candle

Red tip is off and candle is ready for the "flip"

Then, we carve the wick from the smooth bottom of the black part of the wax to expose the wick so we can begin our candle burning from THIS end.

Exposing the wick on the black end of a reversible candle

Exposing the wick on the black end of a reversible candle

Next, begin carving words, symbols or numbers that are of importance to you into the side of the wax. This candle shows the words “send back” carved into the wax.

Our final product, ready for anointing oil and herbs or sachet powers, if you wish.

Part 3 – How to Anoint Your Reversible or “Double Action” Candle – coming soon!

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