Kitchen Hoodoo | Using Salt for Hoodoo, Conjure and Candle Spells

Salt, in its various forms of Table Salt, Kosher Salt, Rock Salt, Sea Salt, Pot Salt, are all forms of sodium chloride. It is found naturally on the Earth and has been used since the Bible for protection and purification rituals. The highly held belief of two salts for effective spiritual uses, KOSHER SALT (salt that has been blessed by a Jewish Rabbi) and BLESSED SALT (salt that has been blessed by a Catholic priest), are the most commonly used salts for cleansing, purification and protection. Many cultures hold the belief that “salt will do what you tell it to do”, and therefore is the most commonly used herb or spice in your kitchen cabinet.

“SAL NEGRO” (Black Salt) or “WITCHES SALT” is a combination of salt, black pepper, ashes or iron skillet scrapings, and sulfur, is used to dress a black mojo doll, toss on the front porch of someone who you want to leave you alone. Another trick is to sprinkle it around their doorstep and/or on the ground or sidewalk near the passenger side door so that they will step in it and carry it into their homes and car floor mats. Dusting letters or correspondence with SAL NEGRO before mailing it to your intended will also get a little of it on them.

An easy way to MAKE SOMEONE LEAVE, as in unwanted guests or visitors who have overstayed their welcome is to take your corn broom (not the plastic O’Cedar-type) and stand it up on end (tip end) in the corner where the door meets the door jamb. Sprinkle a little salt on top of the bristles, saying, “You have overstayed your welcome and it is time for you to leave”. Watch, and you will see that within 15-20 minutes, they will begin to shift uneasily in their seats and make motions that it is time for them to leave.

If there are people who you NEVER WANT TO RETURN to your door, take a pinch of RED PEPPER FLAKES, BLACK PEPPER,SALT, and a couple of tips of MATCH HEADS broken off and crumbled into the mix. Toss it out over their departing foot tracks (whether you can see them or not; it’s the spiritual connotation that is important) and whisper, “Be Gone and Never to Return to Darken my Doorstep!”

To PROTECT YOUR CANDLE SPELL, from someone “thwarting” or “jinxing” your candle spell work, place your petition paper and  candle on large ceramic or glass plate and ring the entire edge of dish with a good amount of TABLE SALT or KOSHER SALT to protect it from evil doings.

If you are feeling like someone PUT SOMETHING ON YOU or you are feeling JINXED and CROSSED, take a one-third box of EPSOM SALTS and crush some EUCALYPTUS LEAVES together and place in cheesecloth (buy in canning area of supermarket) or muslin bag (obtainable at health food stores) and throw into very warm bath. Soak until water cools and make sure you cover your head with water. Stand up and shower off as usual, using your favorite soap. Boost this JINX KILLING effect by using DR. BRONNER’S EUCALYPTUS LIQUID SOAP to keep that aura of protection around you.

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