Readers Questions | Sending Away Bad Habits Spell

A reader offers a spell to cast off or chase away bad habits that are plaguing you.

Jacqueline, Thank you or this website. I just love it! I have a spell to share. I was told this spell from a lady who is in a group on the Internet and I thought that since it worked so well, I would share it with you.

Shawna, TX



1 White Petition Paper

Broom Straw

1 Road Opener Sachet Powder

Blessed Salt

1 White Emergency Candle (about 4 inches long)

1 White Saucer

Make a list of your old habits and write these old habits, behaviors, and stories on the petition paper. Write your full name in a cross pattern on top of the written bad habits (like to ‘cross them’). Sprinkle the Road Opener sachet and Blessed Salt lightly over the paper and take the broom straw and  brush the mixture away from you. Take the paper and fold into a packet. Place on saucer next to candle. Light a white candle that has been cleaned with lemon juice (as you told me) and burn the candle, and state your releasing intentions and asking that the Virgin Mary (if you are a female) and/or Jesus (if you are a male) totake these things away and their temptations to do them.

When candle has burned down, take the whole thing and then cast the ashes in moving water such as a river or flowing creek and banish them to be gone forever. Turn and leave without looking back.

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