Good Bye 2008! Banishing Ritual and Candle Burning | December 31, 2008

Time to consider banishing all that negativity and sorrow that you endured and struggled with in 2008 with my annual Banishing Ritual and Candle Burning on December 31, 2008 and bring in the New Year with a clean slate and hope for a better 2009!

What is It?

I created a ritual for New Year’s Eve night to send off in a fiery pyre all the negative things, people and thoughts that plagued my clients throughout the year. I invite you to join us for this ritual.

Releasing of old negative thoughts, hurts, jealousies, anger and problems that have plagued your thoughts and home life is purging and mood elevating, and can break free things that have been keeping you down and unable to progress forward.

How Can I Participate?

There are two ways you can participate. First, you can purchase a tea light vigil candle for $1.25 each and submit your petition for that candle. Quantity is unlimited and if you live with others, it might be a grand release of negativity for everyone in the home to have a candle and petition paper burnt for them (see photo below). The petitions will go into the “coffin” along with the black poppets, mixed with frankincense, myrrh, white sage and lavender, to become a burnt offering to the Heavens (see more photos at link below)

The second way to participate is to purchase a black “doll baby” or “poppet” and name it for someone who is giving you the Devil or you would just want them to Go Away and Stay Away. These voodoo dolls are then “named” and stuffed with Spanish Moss and a few other herbs and ingredients to be effective in getting this person out of your life. These black dolls can be your for $20.00 each. Once you have ordered your poppet, you will then be asked to give a small description of the intended person and what you would like them to receive in exchange for doing damage they have done to you.





For more information about how you can participate in the 2008 Banishing Ritual and Candle Burning, please go to:

To see some of the events from the 2007 burning, go to:




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