The Meaning of Candle Colors of Candles in Spells


Please note: These colors listed here are a general guide for the use of color in burning for a specific purpose. Cultural and regional influences may alter you own personal belief in the use of certain candle colors. Please meditate and consider all choices of color when burning candles for a specific purpose.

WHITE…….symbolizes Purity, Truth, Spiritual Strength, Power & Innocence. Also used for Departed Souls and contacting Spirits. Also burned for Our Lady of Mercy and God Obatala.

RED…….symbolizes Passion, Health, Energy (including sexual), Vigor & the return of Lost Lovers. Used for short-term love affairs and one night stands. Also burned for St. Barbara, Sacred Heart of Jesus and God Chango.

LIGHT BLUE…….symbolizes Tranquility, Coolness, Calmness, Clarity of Thought and Perception.

MEDIUM BLUE…….symbolizes Peace and Spiritual Fortitude. Used to thwart your lover/mate from “playing around”. Also burned for the Virgin Mary, and Goddess Yemaya.

DARK BLUE…….symbolizes deep mental thought and intense spiritual devotion. Can also be used to make someone moody or depressed, so use with care!

YELLOW (golden sunflower to lemon yellow, non-metallic)…….symbolizes attraction, captivating, drawing, cheerfulness. Can also be used in money rituals, make you “dream true” and in honor of Goddess Ochun.

PURPLE…….symbolizes power of control, psychic and metaphysical mastery, occult studies, ability to spiritually control others. Also burned for St Lazarus (San Lazaro) and for Babaluaye.

GREEN…….symbolizes money, wealth, financial and business success, good crops, harvest.

ORANGE…….symbolizes stimulating mental and physical energy, brain clearing, happiness, encouraging energy.

GOLDEN BROWN…….symbolizes assertiveness, definite energy, unhesitating aggressiveness.

MEDIUM BROWN…….symbolizes wavering, hesitancy, a pause in the action. Also used for court cases and to honor St.

RUSSET BROWN…….symbolizes uncertainty in love because it has the vibrational influences of the red color in it.

PINK…….symbolizes romance and affection. Use this color when you want a long lasting relationship, not a short-term affair.

CRIMSON…….same as red but with the added energy vibrations of gold.

GARNET…….same as red but with the added vibrational energy of blue.

SILVER (metallic)…….symbolizes dissolving negativity and becoming victorious in your efforts. Good overtakes Evil.

GOLD (metallic)…….symbolizes bringing in wealth and prosperity in great mass.




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