Welcome to Free-Candle-Spells.com!

Upgrades to Free-Candle-Spells.com to better serve you.

Plus it was time to get a new site design. I love the new look, don’t you?

Please be patient with me as I get the old pages put back onto this site and start getting new articles posted. I’m having to get used to a whole new way of entering information since I’ve switched over to a blog-type format. But I’m getting the hang of everything, slowly but surely.

Here’s some of the big changes you’ll be seeing soon:

  • This is the one of the BIGGEST reasons I updated my site: now you can leave COMMENTS! I can now be more involved with all of you. You won’t have to email me with questions, comments or even spells that you want to share with me. Everything can be shared right here. That makes things a lot easier for me, too.
  • It will be a lot easier for you to find articles and information you might be searching for because of the better methods I have to categorize everything.
  • I can provide full page biographies of readers across the world to help you find a spiritual advisor in your area.
  • I am now able to offer banner advertising space for professional readers, psychics, healers and more!
  • And a whole lot more!

If you are a professional reader, rootworker, astrologer, or other type of spiritual advisor and are interested in advertising your services or web site in my National Directory, please contact me at freecandlespells (at) yahoo.com 

How about increasing your contacts with new clients and links across the United States!

Thank you for stopping by and please keeping checking back. I’ll be adding lots of new articles and spells every week.




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